Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Veterans or military family members looking for work

Remember that the FRG leaders get regular updates on hiring events, job fairs, and local positions coming open in Oregon for work. Ask if you are in need.

DFAS Scam Alert

The attached form is a new SCAM that is on the streets and affecting Service
members. As you can see from the attachment they have copied the DFAS logo
as well as the Department of Defense logo on the paper so it makes it appear
it's coming from DFAS. However please note that the form is NOT an approved DFAS form. If you receive something that looks like the image below be advised it is a scam

Monday, March 12, 2012


Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program is easier than ever to apply for. You can even apply online now. Follow THIS link. Your income does not need to be as low as you may think to qualify for benefits if this is something that could help your family through a tough financial time. 1-800-safenet

Oregon Military Assistance Helpline

Oregon Military Assistance Helpline is a new resource in Oregon that offers everything from counseling to helping you find a dog walker. They are truly here to support Veterans, military personnel, and their families. Follow the link to see what they offer.