Wednesday, December 21, 2011

1186 Mom's Car Repairs

SOS!! We are reaching out to our 1186 friends to see if anyone can help. One of our soldiers mom needs our help. She came out from Portland to the Yellow Ribbon event in September and her car broke down. Through some miscommunications and a dishonest mechanic she still doesn't have her car back. She is beyond desperate and can not afford to buy another car or pay a mechanic to fix it. So we are asking you to ask your friends and family if anyone can help her get her car fixed. Lets try and give her a little hope and band together and help this Blue Star mother.

We need $400 for the repairs. This is not an official FRG activity. It is voluntary and think of it as one 1186 family member to another. Please send payments (even $10 gets us closer to the goal)to Jessica Morris. You can contact her at 253-255-9013 or email

Jessica Morris
Amy Christensen
Leila Sanders