Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Your NG Publications - Increasing Our Pride and Commitment

The current issue of National Guard Soldier & Family FOUNDATIONS featured Soldiers from Salem! The article entitled Legacy of Service: Fathers and Sons on the Roots of Their Patriotism, discussed SGM Charles Kovitch and his son SPC Trevor Kovitch and their experience in the Guard as father and son.
 "When you're a father with a child serving in the Guard, it makes you grow a lot closer." -SGM Kovitch
(See  your current issue of Foundations September/October 2010 Volume 2 - Issue 3 for article.)

Reading this issue of Foundations really got me thinking; I hope our Guard families are taking advantage of the publications available to them through the National Guard.

Some of the major roles of the FRG include insuring our Guard families are independent, resilient, well informed and proud to be associated with our unit; supporting each other and feeling a sense of commitment to do so. These roles are critical to our ability to stay strong and support our Soldiers while they perform their duties.

If you normally toss your military publications straight in the recycling bin, please take a few moments this month to scan through them instead! The Sentinel covers news specific to our Oregon Guard. Foundations is a great magazine for articles specific to Guard families. The company newsletter is NOT JUST FOR THE SOLDIER in your home. Read it and be knowledgeable about what our unit is up to! Coming next year, our FRG is hoping to have it's own newsletter to distribute each month as well, so look forward to that.

I look forward to an amazing FRG program, enhancing all our lives, as we support our 1186 MP Company Soldiers.The more informed we are, the better we can be.

If you do not receive the company newsletter please inform one of your 1186 leaders or contact an FRG leader. Family members are entitled to a copy as well as the Soldiers.

Past issues of Foundations available here.
Past issues of The Sentinel available here.

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