Monday, November 1, 2010

Operation Homefront News

November 26th to December 24th- Operation Homefront will have a gift wrap station at the Heritage Mall (Albany Oregon).  We are looking for volunteers to sign up for various shifts to help man the booth.  This could be a huge fundraiser for Operation Homefront!

December 13th to December 18th- Operation Christmas Shoppe!  This is a six day period devoted to our wonderful military children.  The community has donated some fabulous gifts for our military kids to come through the office and "buy" (free) and then have one of our elves gift wrap for them!  This allows the children to have a gift under the tree from them for their family. Any family that is interested needs to fill out the registration and return it to the office asap so appointments can be scheduled (Contact me for registration form -Amy).  This is available for all military families, regardless of rank.  We are seeking donated gifts (unwrapped) and also volunteers to assist the children with shopping and gift wrapping.

Christmas Adoption- Any family or business that would like to adopt a military family for the holidays, please contact the office so that we can get you matched up.  Also, if you know of any military families that are facing tough times and would like to be adopted, contact Operation Homefront.    

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