Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Yellow Ribbon Event is coming up!

The first Yellow Ribbon Event is about to take place in Salem during February Drill. To give each of you a better understanding on what the Yellow Ribbon Event entails, I have come up with some helpful information on what to expect!

The Yellow Ribbon Program (YRP) provides Service members and their families with valuable information before, during, and after deployments. Through Yellow Ribbon Events, Service members can gain access to a wealth of services and knowledge that can help them prepare and handle their deployment. Yellow Ribbon spans the entire deployment cycle because there are different challenges at each phase. National Guard and Reserve members deserve to have all the information possible and Yellow Ribbon is a means to provide that.

Deployment can be hard on all family members; whether you are a parent, sibling, or child of a Service member. The Yellow Ribbon Program (YRP) recognizes this and seeks to provide information relevant to all family members. Spouses and parents of Service members can learn about the services available to them and their Service member by attending a Yellow Ribbon Event. By hearing and learning about the services and gaining the information firsthand, a parent or spouse is better aware and informed of how they can help the deployed Service member before, during, and after deployment. This firsthand information also allows family members to know where they can turn should they need help themselves. Yellow Ribbon Events can provide an opportunity for family members to meet other unit members and their families and form a bond that can help through the deployment cycle as well. Many Yellow Ribbon events also provide activities for children and/or younger siblings that can help children better understand the deployment and what is happening with their Service member.

Visit the Yellow Ribbon website for more details on what the wonderful program includes!

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