Friday, April 1, 2011

Coulmbia River Yacht Association

It is that time again. Opening day for the Columbia River Yachting Association will be
May 7, 2011, Saturday. This is one of the ways that the CRYA says thank you to our
troops and veterans and their families for the sacrifices they make for our freedoms.

We are very excited to begin organizing for our 3nd Annual Yacht Trips for the Blue Star
Families. As they have done in previous year’s, Skippers will open their Yachts to
provide a fun day, including lunch and a ride in the parade on the Columbia River.

For those of who have not participated in the past , we have a great time and are looking
forward to it again.

Who: Active Military of any branch, Families of Military, active or deployed. Veterans,
and their Families.
What: opening day of the boating season on the Columbia hosted by the Columbia
River Yachting Association.
Where to board: Various ports along the river
How do I participate? Please either email me names and phone numbers of those
interested and I will contact them with the host Skippers’ name and phone number.
Please let me know how many would be in your party. Send this out to everyone you
know please so we can have a great event!

If you have children that you will be bringing please let me know so we can determine if
each Skipper has life jackets available.
More details to follow

Please contact Judy Hinsley 503-805-3351

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