Sunday, February 12, 2012

Army OneSource

The Army OneSource Virtual World
Step into a Virtual World

Explore the new Army OneSource Virtual World and stay connected to Family and friends! This virtual environment allows you to collaborate, learn, socialize, host or attend training sessions, and participate in daily events. By using a customizable avatar, a virtual self-representation, participants can access a variety of Army services by simply exploring the virtual world. Army OneSource programs are also at your fingertips in this three-dimensional environment. The Army OneSource Virtual World was built specifically to serve Soldiers and their Families and features each Army Resiliency in their own virtual region.

As part of Army One Source Virtual World, the Virtual Resiliency Campus offers Community members engaging and enjoyable ways to build strength in the five areas of Resiliency: Spiritual, Family, Social, Emotional and Physical.

Army Community
Attend an outdoor conference within the amphitheater
Obtain information regarding Army groups
Access external resources through direct linking to Army-related websites
Participate in real-time training sessions and meetings while immersed within an interactive virtual environment
Spiritual Resiliency
Strengthen spiritual beliefs, principles or values
Resources include a Faith Group Locator, Chaplain Finder and a Meditation Center
Family Resiliency
Families can feel safe in a supportive and caring atmosphere
Resources include meeting rooms, library and information center, and friendly neighborhoods ready for personal in-world Family gatherings or events
Emotional Resiliency
Approaches life’s challenges in a positive, optimistic way
Resources include a Zen Rock Garden, Tai Chi, and meditation platforms
Social Resiliency
Develop relationships that are personally fulfilling
Resources include a coffee shop, disco and lounge, carousel and more
Physical Resiliency
Participate in activities that promote exercise, nutrition, and strength.
Resources include a stadium, interactive cafeteria with a Nutrition game, and obstacle course

The Army OneSource Virtual World regions are open to Army Soldiers, staff, volunteers, Veterans, Family and friends. All you need is an existing Army OneSource login! To get more details, visit the Army OneSource Virtual World today. If you need any additional help and assistance, please use one of the Army OneSource support channels:

Get Live Technical Support by calling 877-811-ARMY
Click the Live Chat Support link at the top of any page on Army OneSource to chat online with a Support representative
Hours of operation for these two support channels are 8AM-8PM EST M-F. Contact Us to send questions, comments or suggestions to us anytime.

Your opinion is important to us! Please remember to send us your feedback so we can continue to make improvements which will benefit you and your Family! We hope you enjoy the new additions.

Shaunya Murrill
Chief, Outreach and Strategic Integration Division
IMCOM G9, Family & MWR Programs


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